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Rec 10u softball split into A and B teams

Start with the BOD and work down. I have no idea how ANYONE thought this was a good idea. If the league was big enough to be able to do this, then it should be like teams playing each other and ONLY each other.

Since I’m now older, I have a tendency to be direct and blunt so I’d gather a large group of parents from across the B teams and march into the BOD and tell them there’s a very good chance that they are going to lose half the teams in the league if this continues because you won’t be back.

To the coaches of the B teams I’d say keep teaching, keep a positive attitude and keep it fun because at the end of the day, it’s still a game. A game is meant to be fun.

To the players I’d say keep learning and play the game for the love of the game no matter the score. Again, it’s only a game and games are meant to be fun so have fun with their teammates and revel in their time together. My 25YO DD still has 3 very good friends from her 10U Rec ball team before she moved onto TB so you never know how some things will turn out. The things they reminisce about when they get together aren’t the wins and the losses of the team but the different great plays their teammates made and more so the fun times and funny happenings during team snack after the game at the concession stand.

It seems to me that either the parents or the coaches of the better players only care about winning. REC BALL IS ALL ABOUT TEACHING! NOTHING ELSE! 1st rule of rec ball is, if you don’t know what you’re doing, DO NO HARM! Especially in swing mechanics.



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